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PRM System - ARO Inc

Most people have no idea of the challenges that exist in the “day to day business” of running a healthcare organization. Not only is it an expensive proposition, but labor intensive as well. ARO has solved part of the puzzle with their revolutionary new Patient Relationship Management (PRM) system. Forbes magazine called ARO’s work-at-home technology the “Slipper Solution”. We realize that it takes a lot of people to make sure that the phones get answered, the insurance gets verified, and the monies get collected, among other things. The skills required are very specific, and good, qualified people are hard to find, and often times harder to retain. Our workforce and technology is shaping the way healthcare organizations will be managed in the future.

Patient Relationship Management System: Healthcare

Scheduling and appointment setting:

Using the hospitals/clinics/physician practices scheduling system, our home workers schedule new appointments, change appointments, page doctors, dispense information to patients and track categories of calls. We can even remind your patients of their upcoming appointments.

Pre-Certification and Insurance Verification:

Using ARO’s web based status system; the task of verifying insurance for patients is virtually paperless and automated. Our remote workforce has expertise in maneuvering through the maze of procedures necessary for verifying insurance for commercial, blue cross/blue shield, managed care and government plans.

Accounts Receivable Management:

Your patient pay reminder calls are time consuming and almost impossible to perform without technology. Our remote workers have access to automation of calling to sort through the aged accounts needing A/R calls. This healthcare solution will reduce your collection accounts and write-offs.

The PRM system works from a revolutionary work-at-home platform, giving us access to a work force that would otherwise not be available if not for our unique method of operation. Rather than trying to recruit from within a 10-12 mile radius of your office, we double and in many instances triple that distance because our employees don’t have to set foot outside their own front door. Plus, our greatest appeal is to the baby boomers, whose work ethic typically is better than any other age group.

Because of our knowledge of your industry, we are able to make our staff fit seamlessly into your operation. No one has any idea that the person they are talking to is not sitting in your office. And, where now inclement weather or traffic jams can put your office operation into disarray, our staff doesn’t miss a beat. Forbes magazine called us the Slipper Solution; we call it PRM. Our dedicated team assembled for you will make a big impact on your bottom-line.

  • Interfaces to current HIS or PMS system
  • Tailored to client requirements
  • Statistical reporting on all incoming calls
  • Staffing tailored based on incoming call trends
  • Reduced Telco expense
  • Increased response time
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased profitability